About Us

INTRODUCING USARMS Athletic Organization

The vision:
To become a premier international soccer organization.

The purpose:
To progress the next generation of aspiring soccer players from their backyards to world-class leagues.

The mission:
To geographically replicate and expand our model training program in order to equip aspiring soccer players with the best methods, tools, techniques, and curricula to succeed.


  • TO PROMOTE the potential of every young person to reach new and exciting heights.
  • TO CONNECT aspiring soccer athletes to a global soccer hub.
  • TO SHOWCASE the benefits of soccer in fostering comradery, teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, tolerance, and confidence.
  • TO PREPARE the next generation with the confidence, tools, and techniques they need to succeed in a changing world.
  • TO PROVIDE the world with a model training program specifically designed to fast-track and to continually support aspiring soccer athletes.
  • TO STIR UP economic boom and provide a basis for political stability through soccer and its growing popularity.